Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation

Over the course of his career, Justin Bumann has employed multiple integrated marketing techniques. Justin Bumann draws on an in-depth knowledge of demand generation, as opposed to lead generation, and he leverages this knowledge to make strategic marketing decisions.

While demand generation and lead generation both work to increase a company's customer base, the way in which they go about doing so differs from the outset. The primary difference lies in each strategy's purpose. 

Demand generation aims to increase awareness of the company and interest in its services throughout the purchase life cycle. It includes content targeted at each stage of the buyer's decision-making process, beginning before the buyer has an interest in the product. By placing awareness of the product in the individual's mind, the business introduces itself as an authority that the buyer may remember when thinking about making a purchase.

The demand generation process continues as the business pla…

Media Buying Trends for 2017

Online media and marketing professional Justin Bumann graduated with honors from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, earning a degree in computer information systems and business administration. In his professional life, Justin Bumann works with clients to introduce and apply modern marketing concepts, such as media buying.

Media buying refers to the purchase of advertising in digital and physical spaces where exposure allows a potential consumer to view and discover a specific product or service. As advertising evolves in the digital age, practices like media buying change with it, and several trends may affect this process in 2017. 

Industry experts expect video advertisements to dominate in the coming year, with media buyers gravitating toward opportunities to publish content through creative, strategic clips. Following trends from the previous year, companies will continue to customize much of this content for mobile viewing as consumers continue to rely on mobile for …

Modern Lead Generation Tools for Better Online Advertising

Experienced marketing and online media professional Justin Bumann graduated cum laude from the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota, earning a degree in business administration and computer information systems. Today, Justin Bumann leverages his education to assist professionals with marketing needs related to subjects like lead generation.

Lead generation is a marketing tool that has to evolve with consumer trends in order to benefit a company. It is the process through which companies attract the attention of, collect contact information from, and reach out to potential customers who have requested more information on their products and services.

The digital age requires modern companies to stay familiar with emerging lead-generation trends that are most likely to yield high returns. In 2017, these include an investment in retargeting technology, which shows a company’s ads on other websites that a site visitor accesses after he or she has left a company’s website. Other usefu…